Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Popping my Cherry

So the time has finally arrived. The sports, entertainment, and smack talking blog has officially opened for viewing. This is an exciting time for me since I have been saving up lots of crap to talk about and anxious to have a place to display my shit talking about all my friends and maybe some enemies to.

What to expect from this page?

Here you will find the story of a great golf game going to shit and hopefully the improvement of it over the course of the summer. I will share some of my vast knowledge on fantasy football (the info that helped me to win my first league last year), but not to much for I am in a league with Noskillz, so I can't reveal everything. Aswell as some minor aspects about my life and various other dribble I can think of. And of course all of this will be tied into talking shit about my sweatervest wearing friend, and anyone else I feel like talking about.

So here goes my first official post about me.

I live in St. Catharines, Ontario and I am 24 years old. I enjoy playing golf as much as possible, watching, reading about, and playing football. I like talking about good food and great wine. And one of my favourite past times is watching every movie and as much garbage on T.V. as possible (mostly reality unless Lost, 24, or The Sopranos is on). I have recently bought a house at the beginning of the summer and it has kept me extremely busy, however it is a real joy to finally own my own place. I help run the family business. We clean gloves for the automotive and manufactoring plants all throughout Ontario. It's not an exciting business by any means, but it sure does pay the bills.

So to start my golf game is in shambles. I finished last year at a 4 handicapp with a strong finish to the year finishing in the top 10 at my club championships. None of this has transfered over to this year as my handicapp is now up to a 6 and rising quickly as I knock all my good scores off from last year with terrible ones this year. I just can't seem to put a good round together no matter what I do. However, I am very determined to return to my old form and improve upon it. I've now had 2 lessons with Ryan the AP at my club, and I am scheaduled for 4 more. He changed my swing drastically last week, but after a few days of practice it actually feels really good. I am hitting the ball much better than i was a few weeks ago, but I still have a lot of work to do. I have been working very hard mostly on my short game. Watching my lucky ass rule twisting, sweatervest wearing grinder friend play has convinced me that I must have a better short game if I am to improve. Even thought I call him lucky, just so you know, Noskillz is the best golfer ever, Cal and I tell him all the time. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be like Matt, like Matt, if I could be like Matt. So for now I just hurt my leg yesterday practicing so I will be out for a a day or two, but after that it's back to the range.

Not much going on in the fantasy football (FF) world right now. Just keeping up with the mini camps and offseason talk going on. I hope to figure out a way to link some of the pages I visit, which I have determined to be the best for info. Untill the season starts i won't have much to talk about on this front, but I will still give some updates here and there about players, and try to make some predictions for you to help in your own leagues. One thing I am willing to share now is, don't sleep on Kellen Winslow Jr, the man is going to be healthy this year, and he will turn it on, I guarantee it.

So not much else for today, thanks for reading the first post, much more to come.


Blogger Toast said...

Good post dude, i'll link you from my blog.

1:25 PM

Blogger Matt said...

Awesome stuff! I'll be linking you as well...

The great NoSkillz stuff is helping inflate my already oversized ego!!!

I'll need a larger sweater vest soon...

2:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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