Monday, June 19, 2006

The No Girls Allowed Club

So I spent the weekend resting my back and it feels great today. So I go to see the doc one more time today, and I'm playing golf tonight or tomorrow. But yesterday was was the best day ever anyways so I didn't mind one bit not playing golf.

Started off with my first visit to the Mozie on Inn. What a great freakin breakfast. I had this huge omellet loaded with bacon, ham, and cheese, it was great. Than i got home and proceeded to sit infront of the t.v. for the next 9 hours watching nothing but sports. Starting with the end of the brazil vs australia world cup game. Mixing in some of the early U.S. Open coverage. After taking down the second of many joints I tuned into the France vs. Korea game which turned into a crzy finish with the Koreans scoring in the 80th minute to tie the game. the Koreans were going nuts in the stands, what a great sight to see. The World cupis amazing. Than I finished up the day with 4 straight hours of U.S. Open Golf. It was some of the craziest golf I have ever seen. First of all, +5 winning a tournament is just ridiculous. Usually I look at the pro courses and think I could score moderatly will on the feature course, but ths one, winged foot, no freaking way. I would be lucky to break 120 on this course. I can't believe the rough, the greens, the fairways are so small, what a nightmare this course would have been. But Hefty tanking it on the 18th hole was just terrible. I was really rooting for him, just because I love to see greatness in sports. Everyone hates cheering for Tiger or Phil. But I love it. How can you not want to see the best in any sport dominate, and do things that no one has ever done before. watching Phil going for the mickelslam or half way to the grand slam is an amazing thing. I wish he just hit that god damn 4 wood instead of his slicing driver. Regardless of this horrible finishing hole, it was still a succesful day of sports, boss, and relaxation, and most importantly my back finally feels almost totally better. Back to working on my shitty game.


Blogger Matt said...

It's too missed out on a great Saturday golf game in East Aurora.

2:10 PM


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