Friday, June 23, 2006

The worst time of the year

The time has finally come. There is no more sports on, and NFL is still 2 months away. I know, baseball is on, but who really watches baseball? And yes, there is still a few more good golf tournaments to watch, but there not as good as the masters and U.S. Open. So now, it's time to play the waiting game. Football will be back soon.

This does give me the oppurtunity to start focusing on the club championships. I need as much practice as I can get, cause right now my game is shit. I need to be more like Matt. If only my game was as good as his. I have been cleared by Dr Gary to finally start playing again tomorrow. Back to my favourite group of Matt, Cal, and Gary, and I will play again sunday with the normal sunday bunch. I'm sure I will be extremely rusty this week, but atleast I can start practicing again on monday. I know one thing, I need to get much better with my mid irons (5 - 7) , and my driver. If I'm hitting my driver the way I should be, I can have one of those irons in my hand on almost every hole. They have been shacky so far this year, but with my improved short game, the more acurate I get with thoe clubs the better my scoring will get. I know I'm almost back to where I want to be, but this back shit has definitly set me back a bit.

Pretty funny story. I play on a slow pitch team with my buddies, now in our 3rd season. I have been awful at that this year to. Not a very good summer for me sports wise. But last night with a cripling back injury I had my best offensive night. I was up 5 times and got on base 4 times with one strike out, with out taking a single swing all night. I just stood there in the batters box and let the cards fall. I haven't got on base that many times all season, so maybe things are picking up.

Update on the horrible golf coming after the weekend. Plus make sure to check out Matts blog On The tee, for an indepth review of his new favourite movie, The Lakehouse.


Blogger Matt said...

Seeing the Lakehouse made me cry...

Not in a good way either...

10:14 AM

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