Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I got beat up

Atleast I feel like i got beat up after my 5 game, hour long match last night. Oh ya, and it was against a girl.

I had my first league game last night in squash. I've been looking forward to this match cause it's the start of my quest for league dominance. However things started off a little rocky.

I played this girl named Denise. While i was walking up to my court to play last night I was sure I knew who i was playing. Lets just say, I looked at some girl who was hanging out by the squash courts and was sure she was playing me. This girly girl who looked like she was more concerned how her IPOD looked then how her squash game would be. I had the whole speech in my head I was going to give the squash pro telling him off for thinking i'm that shit at squash. But first things first, I'm going to kick this chicks ass.

I headed to my court to warm up and then the actual girl I was playing walked in. Not the one I thought I was playing. Just a side note, she was alright looking, i'll give her a 7. This one looked like she could play, and when she started warming up, i got a little nervous. Could i lose to a girl? Would this be the first time in my life I lost to girl? She starts hammering the ball up the wall, over, and over, with force. I mean I can't even get that speed and force, she's just firing it. Then the ball over to me to warm up. I try to pound it to show my shit, doesn't work. Clunk, off the rim, clunk off the neck, boom off the tin, "here you go", as i defer to the master. She wails away again, i think i'm in trouble here.

After watching this chick warm up and work the ball i think my best chance is to cut her warm up off and hope she's cold for the start so i can jump out to a good lead. "I'm ready when you are."

I got the first serve. After shaking some of the nerves off I start playing my game. And i find myself up 5-1. Then i hit my first wall. I can barely stand I'm so winded. She came storming back to make it 6-5, but i eventually battled to a 9-7 win to take the first game.

Tired as ever from giving everything i had, she took the next 2 games. I just had nothing in me. I tried my best to keep her running, and i was doing a pretty good job of it, but she just got to everything. She made just about all the shots she had to, and i could put her away. I had here behind me the whole game (standing behind me waiting for me to hit is the best position I can be in) back and forth from one corner to the other, but she was retunring everything. My drop shots weren't great last night, had they been better I would have had a better chance.

So for the 4th game I dug deep. I knew I had to. How could I loose to a girl.

I got off to another quick start. Jumped up to 6-1 Denise faught back a bit, but really I was to determined, and I took this game 9-5.

The final game was a great on. Again i jumped out to a 4-0 lead. But she came back and tied it up at 4. We played about 8 points with noone winning one untill I finally broke through and got to 6-4. But she won the next point, and was able to win 2 serves in a row to go up 7-6. I start to panik slightly in my head, oh shit, am I going to lose to a girl? (If you haven't noticed yet, I don't want to lose to a girl). We are almost an hour into this match at this point. I have barely anything left, My legs are shaking I'm so tired, i even thought and felt like I was going to puke I was so drained. When I say I got beat up, i feel like it today. My legs are sore, my shoulder and right arm are hurting, my back is killing me, haven't felt like this since the first time i played. Anyways, so she's up 7-6. I fight to get my serve back and managed to win 2 points to get up 8-7. She wins her serve back and I have no desire to let this go to 8-8 which resultsin playing win by 2 and possibly making this match even longer, i can't handle that. She served up a weak ass serve for some reason and i hit a gourgeous backhand down the line and she wiffs. I get the serve back and finished her off to win 9-7, 3-2 for the match.

Definitly one of the toughest matches I have played. The main thing is I came away with a win in my first league match, and i didn't lose to a girl.

Check back next week for my second game. I've got 8 matches, follow me to a championship.


Blogger Matt said...

Funny thing is that Denise only thinks you are a '6'

We have to find a gal at the club who can play so I can see you sweat on the course trying to beat her.

8:59 AM

Anonymous Jor said...

Harris, when we used to horseback-ride, I kicked your ass.

12:22 PM

Anonymous Cal said...

Yeah i have no doubt Jordana used to beat the hell out of you at anything and everything.

I guess it doesn't count when its your sister tho?

8:37 PM

Blogger Harris said...

Horseback riding isn't a sport. It's an activity.
And jor didn't beat me at anything, she can't even ride a bike.

7:40 AM

Anonymous MOM said...

I think you need more YOGA.
luv, MOM

10:48 AM

Anonymous jor said...

i can ride a bike. i just need to wear a helmut.

10:50 AM


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