Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm in the sweet 16*

Thats right, I'm talking about the Langly cup at our club. But you might of noticed the astricks beside it. Thats cause the guy I was going to play just conceded the match. I had contacted my opponent last week by email. Thinking nothing of it I didn't call him again untill monday, still no response. Finally he he got back to me yesterday saying his computer had crashed with no email for the week. So we tried to arrange a game but due to conflicts he wasn't able to play this saturday. Plus he is not in the handicapp range of 0-7 so he decided to just hand the match to me. I guess you could say a little bitter sweet. I mean it's cool to be further in this competition then i've ever been, but I wanted to play my way into it.

You never know whats going to happen in match play, but I believe I would have beat him anyways with the way I am playing right now. Plus my opponent doesn't even play from the black tees, plays the whites most of the time (2 tees forward), and I think even on a bad day for me I could post an 81 or 80 and beat him. Not sure who i play next but I'm sure it won't be easy.

More importantly, I got some amazing news yesterday. Ben Harper has announced his tour dates for the fall. All small venues and he plans on playing more stuff that they don't perform to often and some new covers. SWEEEEET!!! Right now I'm going to atleast 3 shows. 1 in New York at the Radio City Music Hall on the 15th. Then he plays 2 shows in toronto at Massay Hall, SWEEET!!! Heres the best part of all. The second show is on the 29th of September, my freaking Birthday. How fucking unbelievably amazing is that. I get to see my all time favourite performer on my brithday in my backyard basically. Fantastic. Tickets go on presale for Harper club memebers on the 25th, so I'll post back with how good of seats I get. I'm very nervous.


Anonymous Jor said...

Aren't you going to come to the Detroit show?

9:03 AM


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