Monday, August 17, 2009

Decent Weekend in Golf

So St. Catharines finally had full weekend of good weather which resulted in some good golf.

Started out Saturday playing with Cal, Gary and a guest. I didn't play very well. But i did get to watch the semi final match between Gary and Cal. Happy to say Cal took it home pretty easily 5 and 4. Cal is gooooooooood. I play my semi final match tonight. I'm hoping to play well enough to win, would love to face off against cal for the championship. But going to be a very difficult match tonight. Got my ass kicked by Brian last year in the tourny, so I know how good he can play.

Yesterday was the 5th mens tour event at Lockness Links. I like this course. I've always played well there and had some really good thoughts about the tourny heading in.

Had a later tee time of 1:42 so was predicting slow play along with some extreme heat. Fortunatly, neither scenario really materialized. The pace was decent at worst, and there was a strong enough breeze blowing over the course to keep the temp down. all in all, good playing conditions.

I'd start off a little shaky pushing my PW from 140 a little left of the green and then missing a 8 foot par putt to start 1 over. Made a nice par on the long par 3. After going for the green in 2 on the third par 5, I was in a tought bunker right of the green. Actually made a great out here to abut 4 feet and made the putt for birdie. Even. Next hole I'd have my usual hickup on the green and missed a short putt followed by a missed tap in for a double bogey. 2 over.

Short par 3 I miss hit as I usually do on this hole and found myself in the front bunker. Again, made a great out to about 4 feet and saved par. I'd go on to make 3 more bogeys and found myself sitting on the 9th tee 5 over. Not happy.

Considered at tough par 5, I was determined to birdie or eagle the 9th hole. I was reaching par 5s in 2 all day. Hit a perfect drive up the left hand side that caught the downhill and roled to about 200 yards out. With the wind and front pin I determined I had about 175 to the hole. Hit a perfect 6 iron after watching 3 others go for it in 2 and come up almost to short. Mine was perfect, took a small bounce and left me with 8 feet for eagle. Standing over the putt I said to myself I'd rather 3 putt this then leave it short. I left it short. But still made the birdie putt to make the turn 4 over.

10th hole I hit a nice approach shot from about 100 yards to 5 feet and made the birdie, 3 over.

11th, i had a tough lie on my second and over the hit the green a little and couldn't get up and down for par. back to 4 over.

Gave one away on the very tough 12th par 3, 5 over.

Almost chipped in on 13 for birdie, settled for a tap in par.

Par 5 14th I would go for it in 2 again and came up pin high but left of the green. Couldn't leave it close enough for a decent birdie putt. Had 20 feet for birdie and left it 1 inch from the cup. Still 5 over.

15 is another tough par 3. I was a little scared of the water and was well left of the green. Couldn't hit the tricky flop shot well enough, and ended up with another bogey.

16 and 17 i would go on to par. Should have birdied the 300 yard for 4 16th, but missed a 5 footer. This happened a few times on the day where I missed easy birdie putts.

18th I would smash a drive to about 200 yards out. Determined it was again 175 yards to the front pin. Hit a perfect 6 iron that actually bounced over the green leaving me an extremely difficult up and down for birdie. Having to chip over this hump in front of the pin and down a severe slope while leaving it close enough for a birdie putt. I would have to land it on top of this hill covered in rough, barely bounce it through and have it roll to the hole. I hit the shot to land in the rough, and it just barely did trickle through, I thought it was staying up there, and rolled about 8 feet past the hole. I'd make the putt for my 4th birdie on the day to finish 5 over 77.

I thought this was golden. Untill I came inside an realized the whole field played pretty well. With over 20 guys in the 70's I'd find myself in a tie for 13th. Will not a bad result and my best score on tour so far, I was slightly dissapointed to not find myself in the top 10. Figured I was a lock after the first 4 events scores. Oh well, still good results and keeps me in the exempt zone, maybe even a little more comfortably. Next event is in 2 weeks at Whirlpool Golf course. I love this course. Worked there for 4 years when I was in university and have played the course 100's of times. Going to try and get out there next saturday for a little refresher and looking forward o playing well out there. Since I've last played it my game has really improved, I'm longer, better putting, better short game, smarter, I think i can really do some damage out there. Couldn't sleep last night thinking about the shots I will hit. i know a lot of the little secrets outs there like it's my home course, so should be a good day. I'd love to go low out there and get a top 5 or something like that. Setting the goal high out there.

Check back for results of tonight match. Going to be a good one.


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