Monday, June 22, 2009

Back on the Course

After a strenuous few weeks I was finally able to get back on the golf course relaxed and ready to enjoy golf again. It couldn't have come at a better time.

The last few weeks I've had so much going on. Last weekend was my bachelor party in Montreal. I did get one round in but I was so hungover from the night before it was pretty much a waste of time. I shot an 80 on an easy track my friend is a member at. This weekend I was moving to a new house on friday and saturday, but was lucky enough to have a lot of good people helping me move friday and saturday so I was able to get out sunday to the course. Beauty of my move is I am now less then a 5 minute walk to the golf club. It was awesome getting up making a coffee and walking 2 blocks to the course.

On to the golf.

As i've mentioned in past years our club has a match play tournament that lasts for the whole summer, the Langly Cup. This years got off to a late start but I played my first match yesterday. This wasn't the best time to play but was my only available date before the first round had to be played by. I will be in Greece for my honeymoon when that day comes and to busy otherwise to play any time. So we played yesterday, 5 days after the greens have been punched. Awful putting surface, but still semi playable. Oh well, it's still fair we both had to deal with it.

So I was lucky enough to draw one of the hottest players in our groups this year and a rookie sensation on the mens tour Brad B. He's a great golfer, very solid, controlled, and seems to always play well. I knew I was in for a tough one, and it turned out to be just that.

The front nine I was on fire. I was hitting everything I wanted to and just felt amazing. I would go down 1 on the 3rd hole after making a very poor 3 putt for bogey. Halved the 4th hole and then I turned it on. From 175 out on the 5th i hit a perfect 7 iron down wind to about 4 feet drained the putt for birde and I'm even. On 6 I made a routine par to brads bogey, 2 up. He got in a little trouble after going in the trap near the green. 7 we halved with pretty easy pars. 8 i was getting the one stroke I had for the round. I would end up making a routine par for birdie, brad just missed his birdie putt, I'm 3 up. On the 9th we both made bogey, I missed about a 7 footer for par which I should have made.

On to the back.

10th we both make par. On 11 I hit a nice hybrid down the middle, on in 2 and 10 feet away. I would 3 putt to Brads par and give one back. On 12 I over hit the green to the left, poor chip, and miss the putt for par, give another one back. I'm 1 up. 13 I go into full tilt after blasting my tee shot into the large trees on the left, of course. Got myself to the front of the green with a bout 18 feet for par, but couldn't make it and I'm back to even. I re-focus with the help of cal telling me to calm down. 14 Brad over hits and goes in a bunker to the left. I hit a great 7 iron to about 15 feet. Brad gets up and in for a par. I hit a great putt but left it 1 inch short and half the hole. On 15 brad would go in the water on his second shot and then got in some trouble right of the green, I made an easy par and I'm back to 1 up. 16 we both hit mediocre drives. I attempt an easy layup but push the ball left and lose it in the long stuff and just give Brad the hole. Back to even.

This is where it got good. Brad's up first on the 220 yrd par 3 17th. He comes up short of the green with the pin in the middle. I step up and make a super clutch shot to about 8 feet for birdie. Brad chipped up and left himself with about 7 feet for par. I'm up, I put a decent stroke on the ball but come up an inch short (see "Inches" post to realize my frustration with this) and take my par. Brad would go on to just barely miss his par putt, I'm up 1.

18 was going to be a good one. I'm awful off the tee on 18 with my fade usually ending up on the highway out of bounds. I swing very safely and hit this awful looking hook that barely misses the trees on te left and stops about 160 in the middle of the fairway. Brad easily goes down the middle ad is the same distance. He's up first. I'm sure he's thinking I got to make birdie. He takes the very aggressive line to the back left pin over the bunkers and hits it perfectly to about 15 feet giving himself a chance. I know I got to make par and make him make his putt. I take a little extra club and get it on the front of the green with about 25 feet, all I need to do is 2 putt. I'm up first. Thinking in my head just get it up near the hole lag it up no problem. I take my putt, and it's awful. I leave myself about 12 feet for par. I'm sure at this point Cal and Andy are thinking in their head what a pussy. So i'm left to watch Brad take his birdie putt. Fortunatly he missed it but he's in for par and I got a big putt. I line up my putt and think to myself just get this to the hole. If you miss it short I'm quiting the game. I line up the putt, take a practice swing and step up to attempt the putt. I put it right online to go in but as it makes it way to the hole I realize I didn't give it enough. Oh shit it's not getting there. The ball gets up to the hole basically stops on the edge and then somehow I got one extra half rotation and the ball drops in the hole for a par.

WOW. what a match it was. I probably didn't do it justice in the post but it was a great one. We'd both shoot 78 on a tough wet course and I was happy to take down a great golfer. I felt great playing this match. No nerves, even on the last putt, and just kept plugging a way even when I gave up those 3 strokes. Very happy with my play. Looking forward to next round.

So thats it for now. I'll be playing 2 rounds next weekend. Then marriage, and a 3 week holiday, and back just in time to get ready for club championships. Lets hope 3 weeks relaxing on a beech doesn't kill my game.


Anonymous MenuManiac said...

You're playing two rounds on the wedding weekend?!?! Okay, now I don't feel too guilty that I have school until 2 p.m. on Saturday. Sounds like you'll be busy on the course!

2:06 PM

Blogger Jordana said...

Just nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog.

8:17 PM

Blogger Harris said...

In all fairness, I was only planning on one, but sarah wants me to play twice, so i agreed as to not upset her.

7:13 AM


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