Monday, July 10, 2006

My last chance

So in the most recent Niagara Mens tour event I managed to play amazing for 14 holes which doesn't mean shit.

Finally, a course that I have played many times, and felt 100% comfortable on, and I blow it with 2 horrible shots from 150 yards down wind with my favourite club (PW) in my hand. I played the whole round exactly how I wanted to. I hit my recsue club off of almost every hole. Hitting driver twice, once on the first par 5 where I planned on hitting it, and once more on the next par 5, where I should of hit rescue, but I thought I could hit driver and just managed to keep it out of the fescue. However, every other hole was played perfectly, and i got to a point on the course that I thought about all day. I had it in my head all day that I was going to shoot 78, and thats exactly where I was standing on the 15th hole, 6 over, with 4 holes to play, all down wind, and for the most part pretty easy holes as far as I was concerned. All i had to do was par out and I think I would have finished in the top 15 atleast. So I tee off 15, straight down the middle 275 yards with my rescue. Hit 6 iron to 135 yards, pull out the PW, and i pull it right into a green side bunker. I than proceed to fuck up my sand shot and take a double bogey. Next hole, another rescue down the middle 280 yards, i got to 155 down wind again for my second shot, PW in hand, pull it right again to a spot that was an impossible chip, i fuck this one up aswell, and take yet another double bogey. i can't believe it, I'm tilting hard right now. Next hole, par 3, 245 yards, I hit 5 iron with the wind to pin high, but to the right. When I get to the green, I realize this is yet another impossible chip, I make 4, I'm tilting even more. I get to 18, rescue off the tee, barely keep it in bounds, punch a 7 iron back on to the fairway, but it rolls through into a creek, TILT< TILT TILT. I have 8 iron over the lake 175 yards, i knock it about 8 feet from the hole, but miss the par putt to go 6 over on last 4 holes that I was sure I could easily par. I go from shooting a 78 to shooting 84 and now my run on the tour is officially over. with only 2 events left, and such a poor showing the first 3 events, I will now have to wait till next year and try to qualify to get back on. I was devestated after this, so I avoided the club house all together went home smoked a joint and wollowed in my misery, thinking if only I was as good as Matt, I would have pared those last 4 holes and still had a shot at staying on the tour. Oh ya, and this tilting mess was a day after shooting 75 at my home course, i guess thats just golf. I need more experience in tournament play. Hopefully this year helps me be better next year, and make me more relaxed for the club championships this year, thats all I got left to play for. I still don't know the results of the tourny, hopefully Matt faired better than I did.

On a positive note, I am playing much better golf, my last 6 scores are 79, 80, 76, 84, 75, 84, so the game is there, I just need to bring out when it counts, like the last 4 holes of a tournament that I'm sitting in great position to place high. Live and Learn.


Blogger Matt said...

I fared worse. I'm quite bad at this game...

10:24 AM


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