Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Renewed Love

After my awful showing on the weekend and a quick 10 minute fix on the range, I believe I have found what I was looking for in my golf swing. Ryan had given me a "fix" to work on for the week leading up to a full lesson thursday night and I love the direction it's going in.

Pretty much discovered that my issue is in my hands. I was coming through the ball and leaving my hands open all the way through the swing thus pushing the ball right and leaving the club open through my down swing. This was causing the vast majority of my frustration on the weekend, aswell as causing me to loose so much distane.

So the quick fix he asked me to work on was basically trying to hook the ball on purpose. I'm setting up to the target and then pulling my back foot behind my front (almost like I'm setting up for a draw) and then coming through with the club with a hook swing mostly concentrating on turning over my hands on contact. I hit the range last night with this in my head and actually fund I was hitting the ball better then ever. Perfect ball flight and actually gaining some distance.

I was feeling comfortable with it, so I joined up with our buddy Mike for a quick 9. I got out on the course and it was a whole new world. I get these feelings every so often where I'm so excited about how good my swing is feeling that I just want to play golf all the time to get it down. I was hitting the ball 100 times better then the weekend. I actually even gained some yardage on my clubs. I was hitting 7 irons about 175-180 and back to hittin PW 150. The positive on this was it was a controlled swing, not my over swing from a last year. I was taking nice smooth well tempoed (don't think thats a word) swings and flying the ball perfectly with a slight draw even. So huge progress in only a few days.

I talked to ryan after the round just to see where he was going with this and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I'd prefer to be a little more square to my target, which I believe I will be, and I need a little more work and understanding on how to use this with my driver. I know it won't be that much different then a swing with my irons, but i do know it will be drastically improved.

So my love of the game is back, not that it really went anywhere, and I'm really looking forward to playing this weekend and trying out the improvements. I could already feel the better contact and see the results even though I haven't got to where I will be after thursday. So check back tuesday to read all about my great weekend of golf.


Anonymous English Dave said...

Hey Harris

I'm glad that you're excited about your swing and contact is improving. I'm pretty much at that stage myself - I struggled all winter as we have to tee of from these crappy little mats over here which I hate and which bugger up my game every year and it always takes me a while to refind myself. But I'm close, which is a good feeling, and it sounds like you are too. I played a better ball with my buddy who's a newbie to the game and playing in the 20's before I went away and I made 14 pars and 4 boogies (!) all day - just ground it out like I imagine Matt does. And I was really pleased - normally I'm up and down all over the place. So I'm close.

Keep it going, man. Where's your account of your weekend?


8:24 AM


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