Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Darn Work

This past weekend was maybe one of the best weather wise so far this year. However, it didn't turn out to be the best golfing one.

Saturday was gorgeous outside, except for a super hard wind on the course. I got out early with Matt, Cal, and Andy and it turned out to be a decent day. Under extremely difficult conditions I was able to slash around the course fairly well. That was until I got to the last 3 holes of the day. I blew it on 16 hitting my layup shot somewhere in the woods and made a bogey after a string of pars, and then on 18 I blasted 2 balls over the highway and took a double bogey X. Didn't even play the hole. Somehow I shot an 82, I think. Not bad, think Matt was in the 90's and Cal was 82, so can't complain to much.

Sunday wasn't a very good day. I was actually playing well for the front 9. However on about the 6th hole I got an email on my blackberry and unfortunately had to quit after 9 to tend to some work stuff. Double the 9th hole to shot 40 and left for the office.

Monday was the better ball tourny that Matt and i have played in the last few years. We have been some what close to making the cut each year, but this year we were determined to make it. I must say we both played extremely well. That is for 16 holes. We played 17 and 18 in some of the strongest winds I've ever played in and it just totally through us off. We were even going into 17. Both of us hit monster drives down the centre. With the wind howling I hit a gap wedge from 132 yards but chunked it into the water about 40 yards in front of me. Matt hit a decent approach to about 20 feet and proceded to 3 putt. 18 was a 176 yard par 3. Into the fierce wind, I was hitting 4 iron hybrid. I blasted mine way past to an impossible place. Matt also hit an awful loosey shot and was unable to make an up and down for par. So we shot 2 over. We deserved better. I personally missed 3 easy birdy putts on the front nine and matt maybe missed 2, but also made ou only birdie on a tough par 3. If it wasn't for my double double finish I would have shot a 76 and I think Matt was 74 or something close to that. Oh well. The course was great and the weather was even better. Hopefully I played well enough to earn another chance with Matt next year.

This weekend is the Niagara Mens Tour qualifier. So got to be on my game sunday. I think there is roughly 14 spots available and looks to be a good field this year. I'll just do my best and hopefully make it. AS long as work doesn't get in the way again.


Blogger Matt said...

Yeah, you played well yesterday - tough making par on those two par fives you were on in two shots or the other par five you were on the front fringe but you played well except on the last two.

It was a good day. We'll give it another shot next year...one of these years we'll put it together. Almost there this year!

BTW: I was brutal on Saturday (and all year for that matter until yesterday) but "in the 90's"?? Haha. It felt like it but my score wasn't quite that bad. Hehe.

9:55 AM


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