Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update time

Been a little behind with my posts after coming strong out of the gates. Don't worry, I plan on getting back on track right now.

This past weekend I had big plans to play 3 rounds of golf and watch 4 rounds of the Masters. Not going to give a big review of the Masters, you can go all over the place to see that, but I will say it was a freakin awesome tourny. Would have loved to see Phil or Tiger come back for the win, but I like Angel and was happy to see him win. Also decided with Matt that we will start a tradition of playing anywhere Angel wins. Already did Oakmont, my turn to get us on Augusta. Little stumped on how I'm going to pull that off.

Anyways, back to what you come here for. Played golf this weekend, but not enough. Weather was sunny but freezing cold. On friday Cal and I got off early enough and managed to get in 18. Didn't play very well. I struggled with my driver all day pretty much changing my swing every time i teed it up. Going to have to stop doing that soon so I don't blow every round. Need to get to a range. My iron play was much better and I feel as though my short game is in a good place. Putting is difficult on the shaggy greens right now, but still decent enough. If i can get my driver back, even if it's back to the consistent fade, I think i can start playing better again.

Saturday we tried to get out again. We made it 3 holes and I declared it to cold to continue and we played back to club house 16, 17, 18. The sun was out again, but the wind was brutal and just not worth it. I was thinking more about how cold I was and how miserable it was making me rather then actually trying to hit good shots. Waste of time, so we left.

No golf on sunday due to everyone celebrating some holiday. Even my Jewish brother Cal was doing it, so no golf.

This week is the squash club championships. I'm proud to say that I have moved from playing in the D division just last year to the B division. Big step up in a short period of time. Had my first match last night. I've had a rough couple of weeks at work and have really cut down my squash time. Most of the time I was either to tired or just not in the right frame of mind to play. Was a big mistake to let up on my game the last 2 weeks. Was playing poorly in the league play, even monday where i dominated all season, and even played a few other matches were I just wasn't myself.

Last night was different. I was in a totally different mindset, actually looking foward to playing and was ready to go. Felt great stepping on the court. I was playing a guy I've never played before but have seen at the club and knew I was in for a tough match. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to really keep up endurance wise and lost the match 3-0. The score didn't really reflect how well I played, but I can't deny I got my ass kicked. If i was in better shape, like i was only 2 weeks ago, I would have put up a much better fight. Not sure I could have won the match, but I should have won 1 or 2 games. Oh well, still goo experience to be playing a this level. I've got a shot at the consolation now, which isn't so bad since it's B division. Next game is wednesday night. I'll be looking forward to it.

This weekend has a chance of being warm and sunny, so hopefully I'll get back on the track and shot some lower scored this weekend.


Blogger Matt said...

Good post. I'm definitely looking forward to you getting us on Augusta. I'll have my shoes shined and my pants pressed as I wait for the good news to come in.

11:32 AM

Blogger Toast said...

I still haven't played Oakmont, so you'll have to do that again as well. Augusta is best played in the spring I hear, so ensure you get us on right after the Masters finishes up. I'm free next week.

Yeah, wish I could have played on Sunday... blah.

11:56 AM


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