Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Familiar places

I've been playing squash now for roughly 2 years. I'd say I've made some good progress over that time to improve my game and work towards playing at a higher level. Yet I find myself at the same place every tournament. As you may know I was playing in the club championships last week. Things went the same as always. I lost my first match, so I move to the consolation round. No big deal, playing level B so not upset. Then I lose again, and I'm back in to the stupid losers of the losers bracket. And of course I lose that match and I find myself up against my buddy Tim playing for the losers of the losers of the losers. Thats right, I was slated to play for the title of being the second worst player in the division. The very first tournament that I played in lat year I came second in the division, D division. Since then I've moved up and can't win a freaking game. To be honest, over the course of I think 4 tournaments, I haven't won a game. This isn't like golf, it's not nerves. This past tournament I don't even think I was over matched or played poorly. I just don't seem to win tournament matches. I'm going to get much better at squash. I've got one more league season before the summer. Everyone stops playing in the summer. I plan on working on my game this summer during the week. I wan't to finish the league strong this spring, and come back next year and dominate. I'll get in much better shape, and work on my game. It's a slow process I'm willing to wait for. Must get better at squash.

I missed out on some great golf this weeend. Saturday was a fantastic day here in the area. was 20 degrees at one point, sun was shinning, great day. Unfortunatly saturday wasn't the best day for me personally. I showed up late for golf due to some outside issues, and attemted to play. However my cell phone and issues wouldn't let it be, so I ended up sorting of playing 9 holes. Was on my phone for atleast 1.5 hours of the 2 hours. So walked off after 9. Found out the next day was playing with a board member of the club. It's against the rules to have your shirt untucked and to be on a cell phone at all. Really put on a show for that guy.

Sunday was better. The weather wasn't nearly as good, but still better then what we've dealt with all year. I struggled.....hard. I'm having some serious difficulties off the tee so far this year. Mostly with my driver. Just can't get a good swing down. So i sprayed the ball all over the front 9. Shot 43 on the front with 1 birdie and 1 par.

The back wasn't much better. Birdie on the 10th, bogey on the 11th. Hit a beautiful 4 iron in to the wind on the tough par 3 12th to about 15 feet, but just missed the putt (still a good par). Blasted a drive dead into the woods on 13 and made double bogey. Made a decent par on 14. 15 I drive the ball way right and short. The frustration really starts to kick in and i toss my club a good 20 yards. Get to my ball, behind a tree and i get it up the hole but behind another tree. Punch out down the fairway to about 80 yards. Then i finally hit a good shot to about 8 feet, and made the putt, ugly par. 16 I hit a great tee shot, rescue club driver still sucks, and another rescue from 250 that goes ust through the green. Would duff the chip and miss the birdie putt for a par. Can't remember the last time I hit to prefect shots in a row on that hole and I waste it with a par. 17 I hit way left behind some trees but had a line to the hole. Made a good chip and long 15 footer for par. 18 i actually hit my first good drive. Hit a 9 iron from 150 just short of the green. Chip was decent to about 4 feet. Got an extra $2 on the line with this putt. Matt makes some jerk comment about not missing, and I miss. Oh well, the round was shit anyways. I ended up shooting 82. Apparently that wasn't so bad. Matt was something like 89 and Cal (Cal's the one whos gooooood now) was 82 as well.

Better get the game in better shape this weekend. Got the mens better ball tourny with matt on monday. we will see.


Blogger Toast said...

Judging by your results in both golf and squash tournaments, maybe you need to think of them a different way?

I don't play tournaments or any golf match with much if any expectations, so no pressure on myself. I'm basically the opposite of Matt who grinds like mad and has some success with it. Less pressure for me = smoother swing + no yips = better results.

Btw I've decided to play the mens tour.

11:07 AM

Blogger Harris said...

I fully agree I set lofty expectations. I don't think it's good to cut that, but handling it better would help.

glad you're going to play.

11:18 AM


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