Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Holy shit it's Hot here!

Its so hot here right now it's hard to do anything. My plant feels like its about 50 degrees and I can't stand leaving my office. For those of you that don't know, my office is in the middle of my sweltering plant, but with a nice little window A/C unit keeping me fresh and cool while I watch the minions sweat they're ass's off. Yes, I'm an evil capatalist.

Thanks to the heat last night I waited untill about 6:30 to hit the range last night. Luckly I did though. I am determined to put some serious practice time in before the club championships. It's my last chance to play well in something that means anything, and I want to play aswell as possible. when I hit the range last night I was lucky enough to run into Ryan (the ass pro, and my "coach") and he was able to help me out with my driver. Since I'm not as good as Matt and I don't have some captains log to refer to when my swing feels wrong, I was happy to get a few pointers to fix my driver. I have been awful with it lately. So ryan took a look and found 2 things wrong which should improve my drive drastically. First, I was holding my hands to high when I address the ball. I dropped them about 4 inches down which made the swing look much more powerful and allowed me to stay more compact through my swing. Feels much better. He also told me to try and leave my right foot on the ground longer closer to impact. Lifting my right foot to early was causing a huge high fade (very undesirable). However, when I lift it to late, i'm looking at a horrible snap hook. But when you find that happy medium it was beautiful. Once I can get that down exactly how I want it i'll never miss. So a new thing to work on to try and be as good as matt.

Actuall now that I think of it, Matt is kind of shit right now, he's gone up from a 1.something to like a 4. I've already brought my cap bck to where it was at the start of the season, and I don't need a drop like Matt's on my record. So maybe now I need to be as good as Mike, the backshop guy who works at our course who kicked our asses this weekend.


Blogger Matt said...

Thank goodness you've found another target in Mike...

He DID throttle us but keep this little tidbit in mind...Somehow the GREAT ONE was able to still take home all the money! ;)

6:59 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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