Monday, July 14, 2008

All good things come to an end

Played golf this weekend, whats new?

Saturday played ok. Ended up shooting 79. Happy that I broke 80, but could have been a better score. I missed atleast 4 birdie putts from 8 feet or closer. My putting had been pretty good lately, just slightly off.

On sunday I had committed myself to sleep through my tee time due to absolutly no sleep saturday or sunday night. But decided at the very last minute to make my way to the club. Got to the tee at 7:30, started at 7:37. Had absolutly no energy and could barely stay awake and ended up shooting in the high 80's, maybe shot 90 something. I walked in after 15 holes. Just useless for me to even swing the club by that point. Should have stayed in bed.

Wanted to send a shout out to my boy Matty B. Guy is playing out of his mind right now. Beat the club champ in the langly matches yesterday, and is giving scrath a good scare right now. Kind of shocked he's playing so well right now considering it's still July. Usually he holds back this ridiculous play for September. But i think he's figured out the secret. Matt has stopped playing with Cal and I. I don't play golf in september and thats when he plays best, so I guess he's decided that he would stop play with us early this year and he's found out that helps. So good luck with the rest of the year matt, see you next april.


Blogger Matt said...


Awesome! Never thought of the correlation until Cal brought it up yesterday. I did play with you guys a week ago and shot 82 so there is something to your theory.

LOL. I'll slot you guys in with me on Saturday next week so I guess I will be back shooting in the 80s again. ;)

9:18 AM

Blogger Matt said...

"See you next April!"

HAHAHA...still laughing!

9:21 AM

Blogger Matt said...

"All good things come to an end"...

Just like this blog I guess!

Geez, at least start talking about FANTASY FB if you got nothing else to say!

10:35 AM


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