Thursday, July 27, 2006

I got it

Matt and Cal suggested that I try to hit more 3/4 shots and have more control with my scoring clubs. I think I figured out what they were talking about. I played 9 holes last night after practicing for a bit and tried to put some of those things to work on the course. Basically what I did for that round was take one extra club for every shot and try to hit a 3/4 shot. I found the results to be pretty good and I understand more why they were saying this. It made it much easier to keep the ball straight and actually put it on target better. I am actually excited to get better at these shots to see if my game can improve a little. So thanks for the tip guys, i guess 4 monts into the season is better than nothing.

Football is getting so close I can smell it. Almost all the training camps will be starting this weekend, those go for 2 weeks and boom, Preseason starts and football is back. I can't wait. It's hard concentrating on golf right now, with all my fantasy football drafts coming up at the end of august I have been working a lot on my research and analysis of whats going on in the league. I have been concentrating mostly on the rookies for this year. In my Ancaster league, as I explained in an earlier post is going to be all about next year, so I am going to draft a team of rookies, tank the whole year, and than hope atleast 2 of the rookies I draft are able to start next year in good positions. Since I know that no one from my league reads this page, I can offer up some of the things I have learned about them. First of all I have a veryu late draft pick so I don't even concern myself with the obvious choices that everyone is going to be taking. such as Bush, Joseph addai, the RB in New England, and a few other players. Heres where I see potential for next year. There is actually 3 guys I will be happy to get on my team because I see big upside for them. 1. Mourice Drew, Jaguars. Fred Taylor is an injury waiting to hapen every year, and Mourice Drew was a tough back in college and could be a starter even this year. However due to his second round pick I think he could slip to me in the 4th round especially with all the talent that will be there, this would be a great draft pick for me. 2. Chad Jackson, New England Patriots. This kid looks phenominal and was projected in the NFL draft to be a first rounder and went early in the second. I was hoping to get this guy in the 5th round but with Deion Branch holding out Jackson might get picked a little early. However, if I can get this guy on my team I would be in great shape for next year. Brady spreads the ball around every year, but he throws consistently for 4000 yards and 25 touchdowns, Jackson's likely to play WR #2 this year, and after Branch finishes his last year he will not get resigned cause the Patriots are cheap fucks who just build players, win a championship and than build the next guy saving boat loads of money. So Jackson and Drew in rounds 4 and 5 would be great. And my third guy I'm looking for is Sinorice Moss, New York Giants. He's going to start as #3 WR this year, but Toomer is only getting older and Moss has great speed and hands, but is handicapped by his size. I think he is only like 5" 10, but Steve Smith and Santana Moss (brother of Sinorice) have proved that you can perform in the NFL at that height. Also I said it before, I think Eli is going to break out this year, Moss will be a great addition this year.

So far, thats as far as I have got with Rookies that I really want on my team. There are a few more veterans out there in good position to step it up in 2007 so I still have a lot of work to do on them. Plus I have to start working on my other 2 leagues. Shoudl be a great year for Football, like every year isn't.

Go Bills.


Blogger Matt said...

I would even suggest gripping down half way and taking your normal club and swing - I think you'll find that you don't lose any distance but still gain accuracy.

Once you master that, THEN you can start working 3/4 shots into the mix.

11:42 AM

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