Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My home away from home

so i finally got to play Heron Pointe again last night. I forced preston to play last night around 5:30, and it turned out to be a great round.

I got there a little late due to traffic on the 403 so I pulled a boselaberg going from trunk to tee. Just a side note, it didn't matter what happenned in golf cause I had the best day ever at work cuase my sales manager landed an enourmous account that will change my whole business. However I stepped up on the first hole and made my first ever birdie on 1, par 2, 3, boogie 4, and than my good friend boss joined up with us for a hole. I par 5, 6, and 7. But again, boss insistead on joining us for another hole, causing me to totally under-club the 8th hole making a solid 5. Underclub doesn't even justify the club i used, 170 with a cross wind but downhill, and I hit 9 iron, i blame boss for this one. Make a par on 9, and I'm 3 over.

After the front nine things jam up a bit, and we decided to let Boss play the rest of the round with us. Eventually I forgot my score, preston had some really good hash to go with my weed, and it turned into a trash talking seudo match, what else would you expect with Preston and I playing each other. So basically we go into the 18th with Preston 3 strokes up on me. I pure a rescue over the very long carry to the 150 yard marker. I than proceed to ride Preston with, "So go ahead and knock 2 in the water and i'll make 3, you make 6 and we tie." Preston than hits his first shot, in the water, YES. Next shot striaght down the middle, doh. I than step up to my approach shot, PW of course from 157, and I knock it about 10 feet from the cup. Preston does not fair as well. He knocks something from 140, straight into the green side bunker, YES. Now he's got to go up and down to tie me if I make the putt. Long story short, I miss the putt, preston makes a great sand shot, but misses the putt, makes 7, and we tie. Still a great afternoon in the sun playing golf with Preston and a lot of weed mixed with hash. Sometimes you just have to have fun out there. Preston's off to play Hamilton Golf and CC next week, so he figures he will start playing again since he can't play like shit out there. For me, I'm back to the range tonight to practice for club championships.

Another point for Matt and Cal, no I did not pay again. So i'm about $600 up on club link now, what a great organization. I love club link course.


Blogger Toast said...

Please note that I fucking hate you and your ability to get on very expensive golf courses for prices that even the homeless could afford.

9:43 AM

Blogger Harris said...

please include in the free golf for the week a round at legends for free. Making a profit for playing golf of $225. (picture of a smilley face here)

11:10 AM

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