Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK, I see how it is

I have been struggling with my golf game all summer. Just trying to improve and be a solid player. I thought I was on the right track, but I now realize I was way off. Now I learn that the 2 guys I play 95% of my golf with, have been watching me suck it up and laughing at my struggles. Do you guys enjoy watching me work? Do you enjoy watching me throw clubs? Do you enjoy watching me so frustrated I pick the ball up and jam it in the hole untill the ball knows where its supposed to go? So i see how it is. Me versus the 2 of you. well I can take that. Atleast Cal was willing enough to offer a little bit of advice 4 months into the season yesterday. Thank You cal, i worked on it last night. But for you Matt, it's on now. You know my game better than me? Well your going to get to know it real well, when your watching me beat you in the club championships. Yes, I said it, I WILL BEAT BOSELABERG IN THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!You can write that down in your little captains log, you can blog it, you can tell your wife, you do whatever it is you need to do just to remember I will be better than you. Is that what you like, to hold back something that could help your friend to be a better golfer just so you can say you beat me each week? You freaking grinder. It's on now boselaberg.


Blogger Toast said...

Sorry Matty, I had to tell him how bad his wedge game is. I couldn't watch the struggle anymore.

Oh, and Matt, you tee the driver up too high. Half the time you almost miss the goddamn thing. You're not Gary P, don't try to be.


10:27 AM

Blogger Matt said...

You need to smoke some more boss...that'll help!

All kidding aside, I'd be more than happy to give you some tips but you're already taking lessons and I don't want to disrupt what Ryan is doing with you.

But Toast is right - you need to work on your game from 130 yards in...your distance control and accuracy with the short irons needs work and negates any extra advantage you have over us short ball hitters off the tee. I'd like to see you dial down your swing and hit more three-quarter shots with scoring clubs too. You won't lose distance if you grip down close to halfway but you WILL hit the ball straighter...I guarantee it.

11:29 AM

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