Friday, July 28, 2006

Lesson Learned

Yesterday, I took off from work at 12 to play golf with Gary. What a mistake. I could of played with Matt at 5 and played 18, but Gary made us quit after #15 due to some rain clouds that were blowing over. Of course it never did rain, and I never saw a single bolt of lightning. However I learned 2 things yesterday. 1 be weary of playing with Gary unles it's a guarantee the wether will be perfect. Secondly, when it's so hot out that Gary has 18 gloves hanging from his push cart so he can change every hole, WEAR A GLOVE!! I fought for the whole back 6 holes to keep a grip on the club. I couldn't dry my hands off at all and the club kept slipping on every shot. So in the heat, no glove, no love.


Blogger Matt said...

You mean you quit because of the weather???


9:10 AM

Blogger Harris said...

Yes, I fell into the "Gary is a pussy and won't play in anything but perfect wether" trap.

9:50 AM

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