Thursday, May 06, 2010

My 2 friends?????

So i've got these 2 guys that I'm friends with. No reason to hide it, its Matt and Cal and they think there funny, but really they are a bunch of JERKS.

Cal being his usual prankster self gets this bright idea to make me feel like a loser and hurt my feelings by just being mean.

Long story short, Matt and Cal got a chance to play Hamilton Golf and Country Club next tuesday (top 3 course in canada) and thought it would be funny to pretend that they were arranging to go in front of me just to make me feel even worse.

HAHAHAH, real funny eh? As funny as Cal seemed to think it was I didn't find it amusing.

So how about this Cal, I HOPE YOU GET A BIG FREAKING THUNDER AND LIGHTNING RAIN STORM ON TUESDAY. and not the kind where it rains hard for like 10 mins and stops. NO,NO, i want to see a 5 hour, rain like you need to build an arc to survive, rain storm that leaves you driving home at 40 KMH cause you can't see the road due to so much rain. But I only want it to start raining just as you put your tee in the ground on the first hole.

And don't you get all upset that I wish such horrible weather on you. You should have just told me you were playing it and rubbed it in my face rather than pull that crap. Like I did with St. George and Magna, and all the courses I play that you don't.

Matt, I wish only the best for you. If there was some way for it to rain only causing cal to miss the round I would hope for that, but as I'm sure you realize that just won't be possible at this time. I'm sorry you have to be included in his misfortune.


Anonymous Cal said...

I didn't realize I should have brought you a box of tissues to lunch. My bad.

You should note that you're playing ballyneal and sand hills because I turned it down, by the way.

Funny how you're stroking Matt's undercarriage again... seems to be a trend with you lately.


2:56 PM

Blogger Harris said...

Only reason you get the evil thoughts is cause I know it was your plan all along.

It's much funnier when I get to be the one involved in your pranks.

3:44 PM

Anonymous Jordana said...

Do I need to feel sorry for you?

12:34 PM

Blogger Matt said...

10-15mm of rain predicted for Tuesday.

Thanks Harris! Who is the jerk now?

Kind of scary that you can pull these kind of strings but can't get me on any good golf courses ;)

2:01 PM

Blogger PropTiger.Com said...

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5:18 AM

Blogger Vicky Leo said...

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12:46 AM

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