Monday, August 28, 2006

Draft Night

I'm hours away from another fantasy draft. This will be my second one having the first pick in the draft. I've got my first pick done already, LT2, but after that, who knos what will happen. This is a fun draft because everyone tries to do it together instead of over the internet. Well actually, a bunch of guys are doing it in montreal, and some of us are doing it here in St. Catharines at my place. I know i will do just fine, but I think Matt is in trouble. There is no defensive players to draft, and I think he will be lost in the 4th round when he can't take Terrance Mcgee. I'll try to help him a bit when it gets tough for him.

In other news, I played golf on saturday. I fucking suck!!! 88. I have officially wasted a season of golf.


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