Friday, August 11, 2006

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The movie would actually be Matt and I in university. I swear, this is exactly what it would be like if Matt and I had gone to school together. I just wish you guys saw this movie, I can't stop killing myself thinking about it.


Blogger Toast said...

Perhaps a remake is in order (yes i've seen it). Maybe we'll call it "Matty and The Jew Go To Yanks" and it'll be all about your pot-crusted travels to Niagara Falls for tasty pizza and wings (and hot waitresses to look at).

Of course, wacky events will befall our two heros, such as visiting the 'Downer but not having money for a dance and having to give BJ's to truckers to make enough to get a lapdance and a beer ala George Carlin hitchhiking in that movie I forget the name of.

8:12 PM

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