Monday, July 31, 2006

Glen Abbey


Glen Abbey was probably one of the nicest courses I have ever played. I was fortunate enough to get out there with 3 other club link members and had a great time playing this course. This was destined to be a great day of golf, it all started on the 1st tee when the starter gave me this huge handful of clublink tees. He made my day.

We played the course from the pro tees, the tee set up they use for the Canadian Open. The opening hole is a par 5, which is converted to a par 4 for the tourny, so we played it as that, a 502 yard par 4. I hit a great drive, followed up by a 9 iron, and make a solid up and down for par. That was really the only hole that was significantly different from the normal black tees. The rest of the front 9 was very nice. Huge fairways, with big old mature trees lining almost every fairway, and every green seems smaller than the last. I have never hit into such small greens, the biggest green as probably 15 yards from front to back. The rolls in the green were just amazing aswell. These greens were very difficult to hit approach shots into, and even just to chip up on. You could hit a great shot, be 8 feet away from the hole, but 2 feet off the green. This happenned numerous times to me. So i get around the front 9 in 43, which wasn't very good at all cause I was missing a lot of short putts, but for the first time I wasn't at all angry about this, I couldn't be at a course like this, it was just so beautiful.

After the first 10 holes, this course really shows why it is one of the best in Canada. You step up to the 11th, 452 yard par 4. You hit into this valley that has to be 200 yards below you, just like Lookout Pointe, but a little higher. This view and the hole is the most amazing hole I have ever seen. You drive out into this little fairway from way up, there is a massive tree gaurding the landing area on the left, and 3 huge bunkers guarding the right. I chose the bunkers to go in, where I proceded to hit from one bunker to the next, and than throw my club for the first time about 50 yards, and than from that bunker striaght up and into the water that is guarding the 35 yards in front of the green. The funny thing about the group I was playing with, a bunch of hot heads, was after throwing my club the comments were not "I can't believe he threw that club," or "How terrible, throwing your club is stupid." There response to my club toss was "He got some good distance on that." I start laughing my ass off and the thought of the bad shots go away and I'm back to enjoying this amazing course. Holes 11 through 16 are all in this valley where it's like your in another world. This stretch had to be the most amazing holes I have played. Just one after another, very tough holes, but so pleasing to the eye, you couldn't get mad for playing bad. The 13th was a 558 yard pard 5. I hit a great drive up the left side which was a perfect look at the green and pin, but it was a 230 yard carry to get over the trouble in front, and 240 to the green. So i pull out my Fuji and let it rip. I clear everything, bounce it on the front of the green, the ball rolls 10 yards and I'm 3 feet off the back of the green. My hole group was impressed, high fives all around, it was a great shot. Than one of my playing partners steps up from 110 yards and jars it for eagle. All of a sudden, my shot didn't look so good, but still great hole. 17 is a nice 436 par 4, not very difficult but the green was horribly difficult. I managed to make a par with a great drive, and than hit gap wedge from 155 to about 12 feet from the pin, don't ask me where that came from. Finally, we get to the 18th hole. the most beautiful finishing hole I have ever played. My tee shot flies deep, to the right, just behind THE bunker. THE bunker is of course the tiger bunker, as it says on the GPS system. I lay-up with a 8 iron to about 100 yards. After this shot my day was made. I look up at the green and the pin is far left, exactly where it was that day tiger was playing. I pick up a few range balls (they were real balls) and toss one exactly where Tiger Woods was standing. You can't believe how difficult this shot was. First of all, it is 216 yards of carry, from the edge of the bunker to the edge of the green it is all carry. Plus, you can't even see the pin from where he was standing, it is guarded by trees all up the right side. Anyways, i think about hitting a 6 iron just like tiger, but no fucking way would I have any chance what so ever of even coming close from this point. I use my 4 iron, but should of used rescue. I tried it 3 times, and only once did I make it over the water, but it was left of the very left of the green, but I'm all smiles at this point. I just tried the exact shot I've seen tiger hit a million times, and I realized how freaking good Tiger really is. What an experience. I actually end up hitting a great wedge from 80 yards to the back right pin, and make a solid par. Overall I shot 84, with absolutly no worries about it cause the course was so nice and just a great experience.

Overall it was a great day out on the course with Preston and a few other golfing buddies. I've played with both of the other guys before, one is an amazing golfer. He is actually good, not like Matt who we just say is good, Greg shoots a pretty easy 72, and preston shot 88, i don't know what the other shot. Just a great course, and i really look forward to going back again. MAtt and Cal will have to come for sure. Oh ya, I almost forgot, I got on for $140, not bad considering it cost $240 to play. Go Club Link.


Blogger Matt said...

When do we get the invite to play out there for $140??

11:25 PM

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