Monday, August 28, 2006

a future blog

I was able to look ahead in the future and found this story on Matty blog. It was from april 1st, 2007 just before the start of the golf season.

From On the Tee

Yesterday I came home from work after booking tee times for the weekend and Jacky was there to meet me at the door with a kiss, well deserved after a hard day.

"Matt, close the door" says his wife as he arrives home after a hard day at work... "about this sunday morning golf thing... yeah, we're just not going to do that anymore, mkay?".. "But... but... ".... and then in Matty's mind, he realizes, he got owned the day he moved into his big new house with his soon to be wife... and harry and cal were right... the end.

So i guess sundays are for yard work and laundry now.

I was just as shocked as you after reading this. Lets hope something weird happened while I was travelling ahead to see this. Say it aint so Matt, say it aint so.


Blogger Matt said...

Well played...

The actual blog on April 1st will read something to the effect of this...

"It's my birthday today and I decided to take my bride out for a lavish dinner, courtesy of the Trash Talking is a Must football pool winnings from 2006"

8:34 PM


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