Friday, October 20, 2006

Whos the birthday boy?

Well my good friend Matt finally hit the big one, 40 years old. Way to go Matt. It been nice seeing you grow up to be such a fine young man. Now i know your wondering what did I get Matt for his birthday. Well a sweatervest of course. Nothing makes that man happier than a freahly pressed sweater vest. Well that or watching the Lakehouse while spooning his soon to be master, i mean wife. Aswell Matt, congratualtions on the Bleeding Blue and Gold blog you've started. Very good blog, with tonnes of info and very insightful thoughts about the best hockey team ever. I guess that myth about wedding cake killing your sex life came a little early for ya, cause no man would have that much time to do as good as job as you've done with that blog if they were still getting laid on a reagular basis. But anyways, Happy Birthday Matty, hopefully next year your still playing from the blacks. But Cal and I will understand if you ditch us to start playing with either Gary and Joe from the whites, or if you start getting in on the game with Carl Fung, Andy, John, and Moishe.


Blogger Matt said...


But it's NOT MY F'N BIRTHDAY!!!!

The line about playing with Carl, Moishe and JB...PURE GOLD!!!

Well played...

4:26 PM


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