Monday, September 11, 2006

Almost the perfect weekend

Last thursday and friday my baseball team won our first playoff games in 4 years as a team. We mercied both teams giving us probably to much confidence going into the semi's on sunday. When i showed up to the game i was confident we would put up a good fight for the win. However half the team showed up still drunk from the night before. It was an 11am game and i'm sure that s way to early for these guys. It was a struggle just getting huys to put half the effort in that normally is displayed and we ended up gettin embarresed lossing 25 to 7 in the 7th inning. I did my part though, with 3 RBI and a homerun.

Than friday, of course was Matt's stag. I arrived late due to the baseball game, but ended up having a really good time. Laughed a ton at Daisy summerville getting ripped by Bernie and Gary P. I was crying it was so funny. And than had a great time playing dice, which was a big hit. All in all, had a solid time.

saturday was my only day of golf for the weekend due to early baseball on sunday. I actually played pretty well putting up a 78. Can't complain about that. Hit some big drives, a few good iron shots. I Continued to work on my 3/4 shots as i have been since the club championships. I just wish i worked more on it early in the season. It's a big help to have that kind of control you get with those shots. The accuracy is a big difference to just hitting big full shots all the time. I would have probably been a little lower if it wasn't for a few clubbing issues. Basically 2 brain farts caused me a few shots. One i tried to hit a PW 168 on a the 14th, came up well short of the green and I pulled out my driver on 16, only to blast t through the fairway, chipped it out of the forest, and hit a 7 iron to the back of the green where i 3 putted from . My weight on my putts was really good, leaving my no huge par putts. One more tourny to play this next weekend, and that will probably be just about it for me this year.

Than there was the greatest day of the year. Opening weekend for the NFL. It felt a calm come over me getting to watch some reagular season ball. It was great, the bills even looked good for about 2 quarters. Fantasy wise, i took a few upsets this week which was very frustrating. You work so hard on research all summer and i drafted some great teams based on all the work i did. But the only team that did moderatly well for me this week was my bullshit rookie team. In hindsight i probably could have made some better decisions on who to start in cetain situations but all in all it was still great. I think i will win 2 of 6 games i played this week. That sucks. But i know my teams will get better. A few injuries hurt me this week, should be full strength next week.


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I hope you'll be at full strength in week three... :)

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