Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life is good

Yesterday The boss and I took Harper and Toro (my moms dog) for a walk at Burgoyne Woods. When I got there I found out that they have put a dog park in. Luckly no one was there so I was able to take both of the dogs off their leash and let them run free.

Harper has been on walks off leash ever since I got him so he was very comfortable. As soon as I unhooked him he ran to the first available stick he could find and took off. He was going nuts, as usual for him, and had a lot of fun. My moms dog on the other hand has never been off his leash so he was a little scared. Kind of funny actually. He just stood there when i took him off, wasn't sure what to do. Eventually he sniffed around a bit, but when I sat down to relax in the sun and listen to some music, all he wanted to do was sit on my lap, while Harper lost his mind running laps around the fenced in area. Still, as i was sitting there in te perfect weather with boss and some new John Butler Trio concert I downloaded, all I could think was how nice and perfect it was out there. I was so relaxed, not a care in the world, Harper was having a blast, Toro found some joy in it, and it was great. This was one of the very few times I actually was glad I lived in St. Catharines. Having such a nice place to hang out with the dogs was great.

Nothing else going on in my world. Just waiting for Sunday to come so I can get to work on qualifing for the Mens Tour.


Anonymous Gary said...

Who is this Boss you're talking about?

12:57 PM

Anonymous Sanda N. said...

Harris...close the door!

2:04 PM

Blogger Harris said...

He's my friend from high school.

2:34 PM


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