Friday, March 23, 2007

Looking for the Pins

I can remember this time last year, calling Matt and Cal at the same time, "Guys the pins are in, the pins are in." The official mark of the golf season. Weather is holding us back a bit so far, but I drive past everyday looking for the 18th hole pin. I can't wait for that day.

I've got 3 weeks untill me trip to Arizona. I can't wait to finally get back out on the course. I've already lined up 4 of our 6 rounds while in arizona. We are looking toplay some amazing courses. I just have 2 more tee times to make. Troon North, and a suggestion course from my buddy Matt called Apache Canyon, or something like that. The Apache course is like $55 US and looks like it might be one of the nicest courses we are going to play. Yesterday Preston got his cast off, but the DR told him he will be lucky to play in 3.5 weeks. I even called our buddy Gary and asked him about it and he sounded pretty confident telling me that there is no way he is going to play. Luckly Tocker from Montreal signed up for the trip so atleast him and I will be able to play everyday. I was looking forward to playing with all 3 of us, but I will find a way to manage with the 2 of us playing.

I'm going to the last hockey game of the year for me. Toronto vs Buffalo, again. Kind of weird that I have seen those 2 teams play now 3 or 4 times. It's always a great game cause I like watching my favourite team beat the one team I hate the most. Both games I saw in buffalo the sabres lost. The last one i went to early this month the Sabres beat T.O. , hopefully we get a big win tomorrow night.

I'm still waiting on my club from the golf club. I ordered it awhile ago and of course it is taking forever to come in. I bet if Matt ordered one today it would be in before mine and he would pay $50 bucks less then me. Why do i get screwed by the proshop?


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Just get matt to order your shit for you


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