Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm lost

There nothing left. FF season is over and I know have to get back to actually doing some glove cleaning while at work. So this is the last update.

I couldn't be happier to announce that I dominated the Trash Talking is a must pool and have come out on top as the champion. It was so sweet too. I played against the other team in the pool that I thought was the best, Les Boys. Stacked all around. Westbrook and Chester Taylor for his RB. Wr's were Berrian, Fitzgerald, Plaxico Burress, Reggie Wayne. BUt he had no Qb, and sub par Defense and Kicker. I started the same lineup as I did for the last five weeks. Romo, LT, T. Henry, Coles, TJ Whosyourmama, Mike Furrey, Greg Jennings, SD D, Gould. LT had 13 friggin points. He's had over 30 points for the last 10 weeks, what a week for him to decide to take it easy. Didn't matter though for me. Furrey went off for 26 points, Tj helped out with another 25, and everyone else put in a solid +13 performance, and I dominated Les BOys. He had some bad breaks, but thats FF. This was a great year for that pool. Lots of competitive teams, and a lot of trash talking made the league super fun. This was also my second year in a row winning a FF pool. Ancaster league last year, and than this one. Pretty fucking sweet.

Haven't been doing much over the holidays. I've gotten to spend some time with the family, see my girlfriend Katie a lot more, and just spent a lot of time relaxing. The best part, I bought a 42 inch plasma with the winnings from the pool. OH YA. Life in HD is so much better.

Have a good new years everyone. and by everyone I mean Cal and Matt since no one else reads this stupid thing.


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