Friday, January 05, 2007

Not much going on

The 2 things i ever have to talk about on this blog are no where to be found these days. Golf and Fantasy Football are over and I'm questioning my existence for the next few months. Ya, theres basketball, and hockey, and NCAA, but none of those bring me as much satisfaction. Well atleast the sabres are playing well enough that they are worth watching, but the season is just so freaking long. Thats my biggest complaint about all these other leagues. Baseball is like 160 games, Hockey 82, Basketball 82. How can you follow a whole season of this when there are so many games that don't mean anything? Really the last month of each of those leagues are the only good part. Playoffs are good in every sport, but the huge long regular seasons are brutal. 16 games in the NFL, everyone counts, and everyone has value to the whole season. One game a week, one day, it's so much easier to commit to that rather than every night of the week. I'm fishing for something to talk about here, so forgive me for the horrible post. I'll try to do something stupid this weekend so I have good story on monday.


Blogger Matt said...

I'm still waiting for you to do something stupid so I see a new post...for you, it shouldn't take long!

Oh wait. I have an idea. You can be stupid tomorrow at poker by donking off all of your money to me!

You're welcome!

4:41 PM


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